Hi there! I’m Taryn, a 26-year-old asexual, biromantic, femme cat mom with a coffee addiction. I started this blog in a fit of inspiration in early 2017 because I wanted a space img_0903where I could talk about sex (and all that comes with it) through the lens of asexuality.

I started writing as an angsty teenager and continued through college with my literature degree. I thought I wanted to teach… and then realized I don’t really enjoy being around kids. So I switched gears and began writing web content for a marketing agency. That’s expanded into my current career, in which I optimize websites big and small for better performance in search engines like Google. During the day, I’m in an office on a computer writing about search engines. Come evening, I’m on my couch on a computer writing about sex.

img_6528Some ace people are sex-repulsed; I’m not. I write about sex toys, books about gender and sex psychology, my own experiences, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I wanted to provide more education around how asexuality can coexist with sex, dating, relationships, masturbating… or not!

So I’m here. If you want to contact me, my contact form, email (aceintheholeblog@gmail.com), and Twitter are the best ways to find me!

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