In order to protect my time and my clients’ time, I’ve compiled my policies here. Please contact me for rates on specific services! By purchasing any of the following services, you agree to the following terms:


Sponsored Posts: 

  • Sponsored posts will be noted as such. This is a mandate by the FTC. I will not remove the note from my post telling readers that the post is sponsored, although opinions will be my own.
  • I will change the URL to your website ONCE, in the event of a domain change.

Hiring me to write an article for your website:

  • You may request ONE round of revisions by me.

Purchasing ad space (either banner ads or text links in my sidebar) on my website:

  • Purchase of advertising does not guarantee a specific click through rate or amount traffic. If you want higher traffic, make sure your ads are appealing and relevant.
  • All advertising payments will be sent before ad placement. Please contact me to discuss rates.
  • No refunds will be given, except in cases where the ad is profane, offensive, or I deem it inappropriate in any other way. If you decide to remove your ad from my website in the middle of a payment period, there will be no prorating. All payments are final.

Sending me an item to review:

  • Post will be written and published within 60 days of receiving the item. If you’d like the review published sooner, please ask for my rush fee. 
  • Once I have received the item, it is mine. No payment or refunds will be issued.
  • A review does not necessarily mean a positive review! I’m going to be honest in my evaluation of your product.
  • No stipulations will be added once the product has been sent.


Purchasing an SEO audit from me:

  • This will be a one time review of your website. It will not include social media websites, or other domains. It will also not be an ongoing monitoring of your website. If you would like ongoing monitoring and reporting of your successes, you may hire me on a monthly, ongoing basis.
  • This will cover one domain, which you must specify at the time of purchase. Additional domains will require an additional audit, and discount pricing for multiple domains can be discussed.
  • I will tell you what to change, not how to change it. If you would like consulting on how to manage your SEO practices, you may hire me on a monthly, ongoing basis.

Purchasing an ongoing SEO contract with me:

  • Payment will be issued at the beginning of every month, on the first of the month, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Payment and work on your website, while increasing the likelihood of increased traffic, does not guarantee increased traffic.
  • No refunds will be given, except in the event that your website goes offline for a minimum of 30 days, at which point I will refund you a prorated amount.



Advertising pricing will remain steady throughout the length of the term. Payment will be sent on the 1st or 15th day of the month, every month of the contract, with a 10% discount for an upfront payment of the entire amount of the contract. All prices are US dollars and are reviewed every quarter as traffic changes and fluctuates. If prices increase before the end of a contract, pricing will remain steady through the length of the contract, and increase only upon renewal. If the contract is terminated by either party for any reason in the middle of a contract, no refunds will be given, except in the case that the advertised site has been taken offline for a minimum of 30 days.  You supply the images!


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