SEO for Sex Bloggers: Installing Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool. It can tell you which pages are getting the most traffic from your partners, or which pages get the most organic traffic from search results. It can also tell you, with some limitations, about which keywords are driving traffic to your website. But the first step to using Google Analytics is getting it installed.

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Dildos and Depression

Depression feels like a lot of things to a lot of people. To me, it feels like getting into bed after coming home from my day job at 4pm and staying there until I have to get up for work the next day. It feels like being unable (or maybe unwilling?) to meet up with friends on the weekend. It feels like eating the same cereal for every meal because cooking is more effort than it’s worth. In the midst of a depression fog, I can hardly find the motivation to find a new show to watch on Netflix, much less find good porn and make sure my toys are charged and get myself off.

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