Review: We-Vibe Glow

I wish I had more to say about this toy, but I really don’t. It’s adorable but does nothing for me. The We-Vibe Glow is so cute. It’s small and pink and has an adorable name. It has a little tube where you can stick a Tango, and it’s meant to make your g-spot sing. Unfortunately, my g-spot just side-eyed this toy.



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It’s not that I don’t want to love it. But the way it encapsulates my Tango dampens the vibrations, and for me, the head of the toy didn’t quite assault g-spot like I like. Trying to angle it better just made the vibrations less noticeable, and the silicone isn’t substantive enough to function well without them. It also gave me a minor, momentary heart attack when I thought my Tango was stuck inside it forever. Luckily my panic-induced strength overcame the slight suction and I rescued my beloved Tango.


Like the rest of the We-Vibe silicone toys, the Glow is safe and smooth and easy to clean. Since there are no motors or buttons to worry about, dunking it underwater isn’t an issue as long as you let the Tango tube dry.



Noah was unamused with this toy. So was my g-spot.

The Glow can be purchased in the Pleasure Mate Collection, which also includes the Tango and Dusk. I’ve written a Tango review, but haven’t tried the Dusk as my Glow came to my doorstep by its lonesome, although Epiphora tried it out.


If you don’t like that firm, unrelenting g-spot stimulation that I do, or you’re still getting used to insertion, this could be a great little accessory to explore internal vibrations. It just didn’t do it for me. Farewell, little Glow.

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