Review: Aslan Leather Pink Candy Collar

I love my collar. I didn’t love it when I first got it, but I do now. It does a lot of things for me, and not all of them are kink-related.

It’s from Aslan Leather, the Pink Candy Collar, and you can even buy matching wrist cuffs, though I have yet to pull the trigger on that one. (Hint hint to anyone looking to get me something for… I don’t know, Labor Day?) It even has a spot for a small padlock if my beau wanted to be especially dommy.

FullSizeRender-2It’s cute, it’s comfortable, but it took some getting used to. Maybe because it was my first collar, maybe it was because I built up the sensations in my head and was then confronted with reality, where it didn’t quite fit seamlessly into my life. I was expecting to slip it on and immediately feel like the most perfect little sub that ever existed, but I didn’t. I found it uncomfortable for anything longer than half an hour at first, and I found the clanging of the O-ring distracting while trying to work. It’s broken in a little now and it’s much more comfortable for longer-term wear. And I’ve even found that it does other things for me outside of the whole kinky get-myself-into-a-subby-headspace thing.

It Makes Me More Productive

I was genuinely surprised about this one, and I still am! When I need to buckle down and write a blog post or do my laundry or even do some work for my vanilla day job (at home, not at the office!) this collar is a great coercion tool. It gets me focused and productive quicker than most anything else!

It Ups My Confidence

This one isn’t so much as a surprise as the other one, and I know I’m hardly the first person to feel sexier and more confident with a collar on. But it gets me to focus on myself in a less-critical way, and I feel more like an object of desire rather than an object of critique. Even outside of purely sexual play, it makes me feel like I’m more competent and capable than I feel otherwise, sometimes. That’s a nice change.

It Makes Me Feel Safer

Not necessarily in a physical way, though that is true. But mentally, it reassures me that my beau knows I’m more prone to slipping into subspace and is therefore on the lookout even more so than usual for signs that I need to be done with our play, even if I’m saying otherwise. It lets me more fully submerge myself in whatever play we’ve decided on that day and helps me get out of my anxieties and worries about things going wrong.

Aside from all the mental things I get out of this collar, it’s also just really stinkin’ cute. It’s 1 ½” wide, and the inside is super soft and comfortable. It’s leather, so it breaks in a touch, and the O-ring is nickel-plated and very nice for attaching things like leads or wrist cuffs… Just sayin’.

You can get this collar straight from Alsan Leather, though if you’re in the US, just know shipping took awhile from Canada. Silly customs.

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