SEO for Sex Bloggers: SEO Task Calendar

Ever get overwhelmed with SEO tasks for your website and not even know where to start? Sometimes having a timeline can help so you don’t forget about recurring tasks. So here’s a quick cheat sheet for anyone looking to get on the ongoing SEO task list.

Every week (15 minutes)

Check for errors: Check Google Search Console and Google Analytics to make sure that there’s no increase in site errors or 404 pages.

Every month (1 hour)

Crawl your site: Use a tool like Screaming Frog (which is free for the first 500 pages!) to crawl your site and make sure there are no broken links or duplicate URLs.

Check your page speed: Use the PageSpeed Insights test to check your most important pages like your homepage or any key purchase pages to see if anything can be improved.

Review your links: OpenSiteExplorer can help you keep track of the links pointing to your website. You’ll be able to see where additional traffic is coming from, or if you need to get some spammy links removed from your backlink profile.

Every three months (1 hour)

Check your images: Make sure your images have alt text. Need more info? I talked all about images here!

Check for duplicate content: Use a tool like Screaming Frog to check for duplicate titles or page descriptions

Every year (3-4 hours)

Content review: Could any of your high traffic posts be edited or reworked in some way? Would rewriting an old, low traffic post help boost traffic to that page? Is everything high quality? Make sure that it’s appealing to users and easy to navigate. While you’re reviewing, make sure that you’re linking to any applicable products or other posts where it makes sense!

It helps to put reminders on a calendar so that you don’t forget when to do which tasks! As always, I’m here to answer any questions you might have about this post or SEO in general.

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