Review: Eroscillator

I bought the Eroscillator because of Kate’s review, where she calls it the best clit stimulator she has ever tried. Ever? That was a tall statement. I took it with a grain of salt because it was an older review, but from what I’ve found, Kate and I have similar vaginal and clitoral needs. So I sprung for it.

fullsizerender-1I won’t necessarily go as far as to say it’s “the best”, but it sure is up there, and absolutely a staple in my rotation. It comes with multiple attachments, which I enjoy, but I did manage to lose one since it doesn’t come with a storage case. Although I didn’t end up purchasing the marshmallow looking attachment that most reviewers seem to favor, I’m still pleased with the attachments I have.

The Eroscillator is neat because it’s not vibrations that make this thing work, its oscillations. So unlike my Magic Wand, it provides a ton of stimulation without making my whole hand— or clit!— feel numb. And with the right attachment, the pressure can feel a lot lighter without sacrificing sensation or pleasure. I prefer the Ball and Cup attachment, and don’t even use the others because they feel much too rough on my clit. Of course, writing that makes me think I should just go for the marshmallow attachment.

As far as the power goes, I don’t typically need to increase the power past the first setting,
but sometimes the second one is nice. There’s a slide switch, so no buttons to mix up in the heat of the moment!

Like my older version of the Magic Wand, thefullsizerender Eroscillator plugs into the wall, so there’s no worrying about when the battery is going to die or needing to remember to charge it. It’s also a little easier to pair with other toys since it has a much lower profile than the Magic Wand. If my Tango is charging, it’s a great complement to my Pure Wand.

That said… I abhor the way this thing looks. And for as expensive as it is, I feel like I shouldn’t hate it as much as I do. Even though I quickly forget about the terrible copper color and plastic casing once it’s on and working its magic on my clit, it’s definitely the ugliest toy in my toy box.

But if you like pinpoint clit stimulation, variety in the sensations your toy provides, and don’t want to worry about recharging or finding batteries, this could be the toy for you. There is a deluxe version, which I haven’t tried it out, but there are reviews here and here from bloggers I love!

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