Review: Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy’s Pure Wand has quite the reputation. Epiphora raves about it. Lilly waxes poetic about it. So clearly, I kept hearing about this thing. I knew it was huge and metal and provided some of the best g-spot stimulation around. At the time I was convinced I didn’t like g-spot stimulation, but then I saw it was deeply discounted on for Black Friday. I decided that it was probably the best deal I would see for a while, and jumped on it.

fullsizerender-1For a toy as expensive as the Pure Wand, I was grateful to see some substantive packaging. It comes in a dedicated box with a pink satin interior and it fits perfectly in my current toy box. I get a feeling that underneath that nice satin is a mold made out of Styrofoam, but that’s hardly a complaint.

My first impression of the wand itself was holy crap, this thing is a literal weapon and could kill someone. This thing is HEAVY. It’s stainless steel, which is great because it’s nonporous and easy to clean, but it’s the heaviest toy I own, including my Double Trouble, though that’s a close race. The Pure Wand is a pound and a half of curved metal, and the larger end has a diameter of 1.5”, whereas the smaller end is 1”.

I found that there was a bit of a learning curve for me. The first time I tried it out, it just made me feel like I had to pee. I hadn’t really started experimenting with g-spot stimulation yet, so I put it aside and got my trusty Magic Wand to finish the job. I didn’t think about the Pure Wand for another couple of weeks, but it started needling at the back of my mind: you spent so much money on this thing you need to get your money’s worth. So I broke it out again.

Once I figured out how I like to use it, I finally started to get where all the blog chatter had been coming from. For my anatomy, it works better as a rocking motion. If I pair it with fullsizerender-3my Tango, I’ve got maybe three minutes of work ahead of me for a deliciously intense, melty orgasm.

There are a few things worth mentioning about the material of the Pure Wand. Since it’s medical grade stainless steel, you can feel free to use silicone lube without worry. And since it holds temperature so well, letting it soak for a few minutes in a bowl of warm (not hot!) water means you don’t have to stick a cold dildo near your bits if you don’t want to.

The one sensation I’m not fond of is a strange popping over my pelvic bone on removal, but as long as I have my hips elevated, it’s not an issue. I’m considering buying a Jaz specifically for this reason, but I can’t justify that one yet.

Disadvantages of this toy are few, but not unnoticeable. First, the price. It retails at $110 US, though SheVibe has it for $99. Second, the weight. If you have strength or mobility issues in your hand, wrist, or even forearm, you may want to opt for a similar toy made out of a lighter material. I hear good things about NobEssence, though I haven’t had a chance to try something.

It’s one of my absolute favorites, but definitely takes some consideration before you spring for one, and some experimentation once you get your hands on it.

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