March Monthly Favs

Another month. Man, March felt like it flew by. My day job has been nuts, my mom came to visit, I met A Boy, and it just felt like a quick month. That means it’s time for March favs!

Hand Stuff  

HELLO. How was I not aware that hand stuff could be so great??? I know Kate has a penchant for it, but like, I guess the guy I’m seeing now is the first one to actually be good with his hands. Like, you have so much more control with your hands than your dick. I am a BIG FAN of some handsy g-spot stimulation. Please sir, I want some more.

Creative Kink Mother Fucker

I did a quick site evaluation for Creative Kink, and in exchange, they sent me a couple goodies! One pink oak cane, and one pink bundle of shorter canes called a Mother Fucker. And honestly, I like the cane, but the Mother Fucker is the thuddiest, brusiest thing I own and I am in love with it. It’s pink, which I love, and a little quieter than a paddle, which is good for this apartment-dweller. And with the right pressure, it even kind of feels
like a decent deep tissue massage in a strange way. I’m a fan. (Psst… wanna work with me? Get in touch here.)

Self-Esteem + Sexy Selfies

I’ve always been a fan of using selfies as a way to IMG_2390boost my mood when I’m feeling down, but taking some more explicit snapshots with my collar, my Mother Fucker, and some stellar makeup is a fun way to remind myself how hot I am. Plus, then I’m in the mood to review some new toys, like my Tantus Uncut, in the picture to the right. 

Domestic Service

This isn’t like, a new thing. But it’s worth mentioning since I’m actually seeing someone who gets it for the first time in, I dunno, five years? Cooking, laundry, back rubs… I got to do some great service things this month for aforementioned guy pal and they always leave me feeling warm and fuzzy. Something that went over particularly well was this mac and cheese. Artery clogging and delicious.

What stood out to you all this month? I hope April is even kinder to everyone than March!

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