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I have a complicated relationship with the Tantus Tsunami. It’s a beautiful color, I love the silicone, and sometimes my g-spot really needs that insistent increase in attention that I get from the Tsunami. But sometimes, it can just feel uncomfortable until my vagina finally taps out.

I think it depends on my level of arousal. If I try and insert this toy before I’m good and ready, the increase in intensity is more just an increase in pain. The tip has a slight flick upwards, and if I’m unprepared, that flick will just get interpreted as a poorly aimed, internal jab at my stomach. But if I’m fully invested in my masturbatory adventure and entirely aroused, the Tsunami is an absolute gift.

Here’s the thing. I don’t know if I’m the only one who kind of loses focus as I get closer and closer to orgasm, and this is especially true if my g-spot is involved, but sometimes my beloved Pure Wand relies a little too heavily on steady movement. I have to find the exact right place to focus my Pure Wand. When I’m in the midst of orgasm ascension, that can sometimes be a little difficult.

Enter the Tsunami. I can get intense g-spot stimulation that’s a little broader than the Pure Wand, and I don’t have to be as exact in my movements. Better yet, I can shove my We-Vibe Tango inside the Tsunami, which believe me, is a thing you should do. I’m not saying that the Tsunami is in any way a direct comparison to the Pure Wand. They’re not, they’re very different toys that do very different things for me. But regardless of the route, they still get to the same destination: some downright delicious attention on my g-spot.

Tantus makes their toys from 100% premium silicone so they’re totally body safe, and the Tsunami is both anal-safe and harness compatible, if that’s a thing you enjoy. It’s even compatible with a suction cup, and the insertion point for the suction cup doubles as a little home for a vibe. Tantus sends you one, but mine only worked once before dying so I’ve just taken to sticking my Tango in there and enjoying the ride. The finish is glossy, and sticky enough that I keep mine in a separate bag from the rest of my toys because I live in a house with a cat and fur flies constantly. Boilable, bleachable, dishwasherable, and soap-and-water-able.

The waves are what really make the Tsunami special. They increase in size, widening at the base and this increase in severity is what really grabs my attention. The first wave is hardly noticeable, but the second one is the best height. Thrusting with this toy is a dream. I don’t typically enjoy thrusting since my pubic bone regularly gets in the way, but the top angle of the waves on the Tsunami is such that I don’t particularly think about my pubic bone when I’m using this toy.

The Tsunami comes in three colors: Strawberry, Purple Haze, and Midnight Purple. Mine is the Midnight Purple and I absolutely adore the color. It’s 1.5” in diameter and has a total insertable length of 6.75”, though you’ll use less if you don’t like the biggest wave at the bottom of the shaft.

For starting this review with “I have a complicated relationship with this toy” to waxing poetic about it, it’s becoming more clear to me that writing reviews helps me formulate my feelings about toys. If you love texture, this is a great toy for you. But if you prefer a more subtle dildo experience, steer clear. Those waves aren’t for the faint of chosen orifice.

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