Review: B Swish Bbold Premium

I was looking forward to trying the Bbold Premium the moment it arrived at my doorstep. I’ve been feeling stuck in a rut and was excited at the prospect of a new toy spicing things up for me. The website describes it as an ergonomically designed, seven-speed clitoral massager, and as everyone knows, my clit is a bit of a princess so I’m always looking for new toys to unseat my beloved Tango.

Unfortunately, the Bbold did not do this.FullSizeRender-3

That’s not to say it’s a bad toy. In fact, there are a few things I really do like about it, the weight being the biggest. It’s incredibly light, so if you have mobility or strength issues in your hand or wrist, this would be a good choice. It’s not large like the semi-unwieldy Magic Wand, nor difficult to manage like a heavy toy made of steel or glass. It’s only 80 grams which is a nice deviation from some of my other toys.

The shape is also pretty great, to be honest. It’s easy to hold, and the shape makes it easy to hold against my body, as long as I’m careful of the buttons. It’s hard to put buttons in a place that is out of the way while still being accessible, but these ones are still pretty easy to push in the heat of the moment. That said, it’s nice to have a toy that curves around my pudgy vulva instead of stabbing into it. You do need to cycle through all the settings to get to the previous one, but at least there’s an instant off button.

B Swish did tell me directly that it’s meant to be an external toy, not an internal one. I was assured that you can still insert it, but that’s not its main function. Which is fine, because inside, it doesn’t feel all that great. It needs more heft to do anything notable for my g-spot.

There’s decent variety in the vibrations, too. Three steady and four patterns. I’m not really one for patterns, but the jumps between the steady intensities don’t seem too steep, like with some toys. (I’m looking at you, Magic Wand.)

However, the light weight and pleasing shape didn’t really outperform some of the downsides. One of which being that it’s buzzy. I said on Twitter that I’m always surprised FullSizeRender-4when I switch from a buzzy toy to a rumbly one, because half the time I’m convinced I don’t actually know the difference. This one is definitely buzzy. Not to the point that it will buzz my clit into numbness, but enough that I breathe a bit of a sigh of relief when I switch to a rumbly toy.

Another thing that stuck out to me were the power buttons. Now, maybe I’m a dunce, but every time I use this toy, I need to remind myself how the power works. You press the power button, then the speed button. Two buttons. The actual power button doesn’t even do anything, so half the time I think it’s not on and end up pressing the same button over and over again in an attempt to get a vibration going. Then I remember the other button. It’s nitpicky, but it made a difference to me.  

Finally, there’s this strange indentation on the smaller end of the toy. It fits a finger, or a clit. I like to put it over my clit, since mine is fairly recessed and not super prominent. It feels like stimulation around my clit rather than on it, which is what I prefer. Though I’m not actually sure if that’s what it’s intended for, that’s how I’m going to use it.

As far as a few stats, it’s waterproof, takes two hours to charge for two and a half hours of use, comes with a storage pouch, comes in either black and magenta or primrose and gray color schemes, and plays best with water-based lube.

The Bbold Premium does have some strong advantages that I’m sure many users would appreciate: it’s easy to maneuver due to the light weight and well-designed shape. However, if your clit is even more than a little discerning, you’ll probably want to spring for something rumblier.

B Swish kindly sent me this toy in exchange for my honest review. Thanks B Swish!

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