Review: Tantus Vamp Super Soft

Tantus is one of those companies that I really admire. They do one thing, and they do it really well. Silicone toys. Safe, fun, durable silicone toys. The Vamp Super Soft is no exception to that.  

Tantus vamp super soft in purple

That’s that nice thing about the Super Soft silicone. It’s super soft. The squish lets me easily handle more girth than I normally do on any given day and it doesn’t feel like a stretch. (Ha.) I think that’s my favorite thing about this toy. It feels like toys made out of this material would be great for aspiring size queens.  

As is typical with Tantus toys, I wish it came with a storage bag. It’s matte, but it does definitely attract cat hair like a motherfucker.

Since it’s made by Tantus, it’s pure silicone, and boilable, bleachable, dishwasherable, if that’s how you want to sterilize between partners, holes, or uses. Since it has a flared base, it’s anal safe, too! You can’t use a suction cup with it, but you can put it in a harness for some partner play.

However… those are my only major plusses about the Vamp.

I wish I had more good things to say, I really do! It’s just… I don’t. I mean, it’s a straight dildo. Those typically don’t really do that much for me. It’s too girthy to hit my a-spot, and not curved enough to hit my g-spot with any consistency. It’s a great choice for warming up before a larger toy like my Double Trouble, though!

Noah the cat sniffing the vamp super soft. He's very concerned about it.

I do love the material, and it has some serious squish and bend. So if you’re  looking for something that has more flexibility either for aspiring size queens or people like me who really, really, really like bendy dildos to flop around like a helicopter.

Peepshow Toys kindly sent me this toy in exchange for my honest review. Thank you, Peepshow Toys!

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