June Wrap Up

June had a lot going on for me. It was the first total month I’ve lived with my partner. It was hot as balls. It was a month of cat trees, boozy ice cream floats, parents visiting, and blog updates.  

One of those blog updates is that I’m officially self-hosted now! This is a big deal for me, because it means I can start offering advertising opportunities!

Of course, you can always purchase a sponsored blog post, an SEO audit, or get me to write something for your website. But if you’d like something that’s always visible to my site visitors, now you can also purchase banner ads or text ads on my site sidebar!

I’m very happy to be able to offer different levels of engagement as well. You can purchase an ad for one month if you want to just test it out, or go longer with three, six, or twelve months.

Speaking of bloggers I admire, July is the first month I’ll be featuring a guest blog! I’ve been wanting to feature guest blogs from some of my favorite writers for a while, and this once-a-month highlight is my first step towards doing more of that.

Get in touch with me for more advertising details and terms, as well as pricing, or if you have an idea for one of my monthly guest posts. I’m excited that this means I may be  able to start reviewing more toys more regularly, and partnering with more companies and bloggers I admire.

Onward! With dildos!



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