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I don’t really do butt stuff. I only have one butt-specific toy. Up until this year, my ass had been outbound traffic only, as far as I was concerned. But in the spirit of expanding my horizons in 2017, I resolved to try more new things, and that included butt stuff. I don’t really know what possessed me to pick up a stainless steel plug as my first toy, and I wondered if I should start with a silicone one instead. Ignoring my rational thoughts and going on pure instinct, I picked up the small Njoy Pure Plug because I liked the fact that it was safe and nonporous. I also knew I was a fan of the Pure Wand and felt good about supporting the same company that had done so many good things for my g-spot.

fullsizerender-6Like the Pure Wand, it came in a lovely, pink satin lined box. I ordered the small size for my beginner-butt-syndrome and I was glad that I had when I felt the weight. I’m always surprised by the weight of the stainless steel toys. You’d think I’d get used to it.

I made a plan to try it out for the first time when I got home from work on a Thursday night. I was surprisingly nervous for it being a solo adventure, but I guess that’s just the nature of putting things in various orifices for the first time.

I got home, pet the cat, and retreated to my bedroom with nerves (and plug) of steel. I took my time warming up, used lots of lube, and tried to make it as pleasant an experience as possible. But the first time I tried it, it just felt like… pooping in reverse. Not sexy. I made a face but left it in, played around on my phone for ten minutes, and concluded my experiment, deeming it a success in the most basic sense.

The second time was much better. I combined the Pure Plug with my We-Vibe Tango, and eventually with the Rave as well. That was… whew. There were a whole lot of enjoyable sensations. My focus shifted erratically between my ass and my g-spot and my clit, as if my attention was its own entity and trying to decide where to land. It’s a great little accessory to change things up when I feel like I’ve gotten stuck in a masturbation rut. 

Since then, every time I take this toy out of its box, I’m always taken aback by how much I love stainless steel toys. The material holds temperature so nicely, it’s easy to clean, and the weight is really pleasing. I especially appreciate the handle. It’s nice to be able to just hook it on my little finger on the way to my post-orgasm cleanup routine in the bathroom sink. The tapered neck makes retention much easier than I expected, though admittedly that wasn’t something that I really thought about ahead of time. Hindsight, I suppose. 

The small fullsizerender-2plug is 5 ounces, with the medium and large being 7 and 11 ounces, respectively. The widest part of the toy is an inch on the small size, and while it felt intrusive for a newbie, it certainly didn’t feel negatively overwhelming. Njoy’s website says the plugs are great for all day wear, and while I don’t think I’m quite on that level yet, I can see that they’re surprisingly comfortable. And since it’s stainless steel, you can feel free to break out the silicone lube without worry. 

I am by no means a butt stuff connoisseur. But for my foray into backdoor playtime, I’m very pleased with the Njoy Pure Plug, and I’m looking forward to upgrading to the medium size very soon.

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