Review: We-Vibe Rave

So far, the We-Vibe product I have (admittedly, only the Tango) is something that’s become a staple in my bedside drawer. I received both my Rave and Tango at the same time, but didn’t try the Rave until I had already fallen in love with the Tango, and therefore had high hopes for the Rave.


The first thing I really noticed about it— besides the pretty purple color that I love— is that it’s asymmetrical. I was a little skeptical about the variation, but I decided to keep an open mind.

The vibrations don’t necessarily remind me of the Tango, but that’s not really where the toy shines. The asymmetry I had been skeptical about felt great once I settled into using the toy. I don’t necessarily use it for thrusting– my Tsunami is better for that–  the Rave is great when rocked and twisted in order to provide some fun, and not too intense, g-spot stimulation. (Bonus round: the combination of the Rave and Njoy Pure Plug is fucking rad.)

The largest portion of the toy is 1.2 inches, and even though it’s 7.6 inches long, I rarely use more than half that. I like having the steady vibration on, but there are a variety of patterns from which to choose. This is where I really appreciate the vibe’s versatility; the intensity of each vibration can be adjusted individually, unlike other toys I’ve owned where an increase in intensity is a separate setting.

fullsizerender-1There’s also an app, if you’re into that. I’m not, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for reviews on that. Epiphora tried it out, though she loved the toy with much more intensity than I do. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it, but I certainly don’t reach for it first. My g-spot loves some more intense pressure (think Pure Wand) and I just don’t get a similar sensation with the Rave.

As far as some disadvantages, unlike the Tango, the Rave isn’t completely waterproof, though I haven’t had any issues with cleaning it under running water. Additionally, I find the power and intensity buttons surprisingly difficult to press. If you’ve got strength or pain issues in your hands, this might be a major downer for you. And I personally don’t think it’s a two-for-one clit and g-spot vibe. The vibrations don’t feel nearly rumbly enough on my clit, but you might disagree if you don’t mind buzzier vibrations. Also, it’s exactly the same color as my bedsheets. Which means it gets lost sometimes. Oops.

Overall, it’s not necessarily my first choice, but I do really enjoy this toy when I’m in the mood for some gentle or low-key g-spot stimulation. It’s a worthy addition to any toybox.


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