February Monthly Favs

Well, finally time for a proper monthly favorites post! January was a month of laying the groundwork for the blog, so this month is the first real month of regular posting. I spent a week in New York this month for my birthday, took some much-needed vacation from my day job, and implemented a spending ban to reign in my shopping. Everything was quite successful! So, on to the favorites.


I don’t think you guys understand how


My femme corner on my desk featuring Voluspa candle, perfume, lotion, and nail polish. Naturally.

much I love Voluspa candles. I bought my first one in San Diego when I visited over Christmas, but didn’t burn it for the first time until this month. Since then I’ve acquired… a few more. My favorite scent so far is Mokara but I know there’s more I have yet to try. I love their neat tin containers and I keep one on my desk as part of my little femme corner. Some of their scents can be a little overwhelming to some people, but I love burning one in the evening when I get home from work.


Reading Material

Come As You Are was by far my favorite read of February. I wrote a more detailed review on it earlier this month, but it really changed the way I started thinking about my sex drive and receptiveness to sexual situations. If you don’t have a copy, you should pick one up if you’re a vulva-owner. Or if you’re getting it on with a vulva-owner. Or if you’re just curious.

Sweet Stuff

In New York, I ate cheesecake. I fantasized about cheesecake. I became cheesecake. Junior’s was right across the street from my hotel, and I have literally never had cheesecake like this before. I was turned on to it by a tip from a local friend. I’ve really only had cheesecake once or twice in my life; once at my grandmother’s friend’s house, and once at a chain restaurant. Both times were sub par. Junior’s cheesecake had strawberries, a stellar crust and I’m pretty sad it’s not in Seattle.

February’s Most Popular Blog Post

I started my SEO for Sex Bloggers series, and my post about free keyword tools seems to have been the biggest hit this month! There is a lot to cover about SEO and I’m always happy to nerd out about it. I’ve got a list of topics to discuss, but if you have any ideas or requests, get at me!


A rare photo of me standing on top of the Rockefeller building with the Empire State building in the background!


Between my birthday, seeing Hamilton in New York with my mom and screeching about it on Twitter, and taking lots of butt selfies, February was a pretty good month! How was your month? What trouble did you cause? Tell me about it!

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