Review: Godemiche Ambit

I wish all cocks were as sparkly as my Godemiche Ambit. I’m literally obsessed with it. I told Caitlin on Twitter that I kept it out on my dresser because it’s just so pretty. I feel a twinge of guilt when I put it in my toybox and close the lid, but alas, such is the life of a silicone-dildo-owner in a home with a very furry cat. I adore the way it shimmers in the low light of my bedroom when I pull it out to use. I admire it sitting on my desk from time to time.

I just wish my vagina felt the same way. I feel like I’ve started a review like tIMG_1791his before– Oh wait, I have all the same feelings about my G-Spoon. Aesthetically on point, but met with a vaginal shoulder shrug.

It’s disappointing to not fall head over heels for a new toy, especially when I try hard not to buy toys I don’t firmly intend to enjoy entirely, but truthfully I wasn’t surprised. I’ve said before that my g-spot likes really forceful, pressure-heavy attention, and silicone doesn’t typically give me that experience. (The Tantus Tsunami is an exception to this, though that toy is firmer than the Ambit. Maybe it’s the severity of the waves. I won’t get into dildo construction right now.) This isn’t to say that I went in skeptical, but it wasn’t necessarily a crushing blow.

While I certainly have feelings about the silicone not being as rigid as I might like, my REAL harebrained theory to my ambivalence is the curve. It’s not necessarily curved like my favorite g-spotty toys; it’s longer, and curves up at a shallower angle. It’s even noted on their website that the toy is made to stay straighter in a strap on harness. It’s not exceptionally long, but it just feels like it’s trying to massage the lower part of my stomach, which isn’t all that arousing, surprisingly. Kate has said she can thrust in and out as fast as she likes with this toy, which further confirms my theory that I have a low pubic bone, because I most certainly cannot do this. Well, unless I’m in this position.

Let’s talk specs. The widest part at the head is 1.5 inches, and from base to tip, it’s 5.6 inches long. It has a suction cup, which I adore, though it’s not necessary since the curve makes it able to stand up on its own (something I wish my Tantus Uncut #1 could do). There’s a small G stamped on the base, so make sure that gets cleaned when you’re washing if you’re a lube lover like me. While this toy is certainly bendable, it’s not nearly as squishy as my Uncut. I really like the squish for thrusting-reliant toys.

It comes in a variety of colors too, which is a blessing. I have the turquoise, and I know Kate has a pink version. Godemiche has even released a galaxy version which has led to multiple conversations with myself around not needing another version of a dildo I feel is lackluster. It’s just so pretty.

I know this dildo looks great in a harness. I know it looks great on a forehead. But unfortunately looks aren’t everything, and my Pure Wand continues to reign supreme as G-Spotting Champion.

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