Review: Tenga Iroha Midori

I’m a Tango lover. I keep it on my nightstand at all times. I use it in every masturbatory adventure unless I’m supplementing with my Eroscillator. That said, I’ve been wanting a new clitoral vibrator for some variety and just in case I forget to charge my Tango. Enter the Iroha Midori.

This thing is so stinkin’ cute. It’s a light green, and kind of reminds me of a little alien bug. It’s got a layer of squish, it’s a good size, and comes with an awesome (although slightly bulky) charging station.

FullSizeRender-1It’s a nice addition to my collection. I’m not going to say I would have been thrilled to pay full price ($99 US through Tenga; I had a discount code) for this vibrator, but it’s a cute little supplement and a great warm up toy. It’s got four vibrations, three steady that increase in intensity, and one pattern. The increases in the intensity of the steady vibrations feel like pretty intense jumps, but I do prefer a longer warm-up period.

My favorite part is the material and the squish. Sometimes the squish can make it difficult to get that pinpoint perfect spot, but overall it’s really nice to be able to apply lots of pressure without pinching or anything. It’s a perfect size for using with a partner, especially if they’re fingering you. (Hi, this is my favorite thing lately. Pls more 5ever.) It’s easy to use with my beloved Pure Wand, and it’s water resistant, which is helpful for cleaning. I suppose I should note that the squish is just a layer; it doesn’t take much to feel the hard interior. But the cushion squish is worth mentioning. 

The Midori is best for broader stimulation, in my opinion. The squishy silicone makes it difficult to really pinpoint anything, so if you’re into broader vulva stimulation, this would be a good choice despite what SheVibe says about the smaller end providing pinpoint stimulation. I really just think it’s a little too squishy for that. Though I like the construction, for the most part, it does make things difficult when the buttons fall right where my fingers are during use. But that’s a small complaint.

It has a lot of really good benefits. The size, the vibrations aren’t bad, the cool looking charging station. It’s silicone, water-resistant, and lasts about 90 minutes on full power 


after a full charge. I like this little vibe, and it’s definitely a nice change from my Tango. But it’s not perfect. It’s a little hard to get a good grip, for me. There’s not a ton of variety in the vibrations if you like patterns, and the bulky charging station does make it difficult to travel with. But if you’re looking for a reliable little squishy bug vibe, this is the toy for you.

You can get the Iroha Midori from the Tenga site, or through SheVibe.



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