Review: Standard Glass S Curve

My history with glass dildos has been mixed. But, as with most of my dildo purchases, I made an impulsive decision after seeing Kate squeal on Twitter about her Standard Glass S Curve (a gift from Bex… talk about friendship goals!) and bought one for myself. 

And boy do I fucking LOVE this thing.


I have a narrow pelvis, so toys that boast girth don’t really do it for me. This is a slimmer toy, with the perfect flick upwards to hit my a-spot, which is still pretty new for me.


The a-spot is kind of like your g-spot, but like… deeper. And different. Yes, they’re both internal erogenous zones, which may or may not work for you. But while g-spot stimulation can be too intense without a proper warm up, any attention on my a-spot makes me immediately melt into the sensation. It just feels so damn good, you guys. If you need some more in-depth information, Kate wrote a great article about it on Glamour.

This dildo has two sides: one with little bulbs, a textured side, and then a smooth side. I typically opt for the smooth side because I have a low pubic bone that I’ve complained about before, and that popping sensation is anything but pleasant. I think the two bulbs are supposed to be good for g-spot stimulation but honestly they don’t do this for me at all, really. I like my Jopen Key Comet or Pure Wand for that. I think the smooth side is supposed to just be the handle, but I’ve put stuff in my vagina before that I was unsure about, so I’m just glad that this one turned out well.


It’s made out of soda lime glass and the girth varies because, y’know, glass, but stays around 1 to 1.5 inches. The nice thing about glass is that it’s non-toxic and non-porous, easy to sterilize, and you can use any kind of lube your heart desires with it. The only bummer is that since it’s soda lime glass, you can’t boil it in a giant pasta pot like I’ve been known to do with an armful of dildos from time to time.

FullSizeRender.jpg-2For me, this dildo is a great warm-up toy if I’m going for something with more substance like my Double Trouble (another buy inspired by Kate), or on it’s own paired with my Tango. The S Curve is best with smaller movements as opposed to sweeping thrusts, but it’s still super versatile, super comfortable, and super, super effective.

Epiphora was underwhelmed, while Kate adores hers. Just another reminder that your mileage may vary. If you do think this toy would frost your ass and want to purchase it, you can get it at Smitten Kitten or Babeland.

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