Review: Wonderlust Serenity

It’s been a minute since I’ve reviewed a toy. My backlog emptied out, but Amanda and Eve were kind enough to send me this Wonderlust Serenity to get me rolling again!

To be honest, I took a break from sex altogether for a couple weeks. I had The Cold From Hell and was sick for about two and a half weeks, a blubbering snotmonster who napped a lot and relied on NyQuil for sleep. So when my beau and I finally felt like I wasn’t contagious anymore and decided to get busy, I broke out the Serenity.

wonderlust serenity in pink

Now, maybe it’s because my birth control isn’t totally right and I’ve been spotting for a month, but every single time I use this toy, it pokes me in the cervix. Not sexy. For those of you who don’t have a cervix, it’s painful, and makes me want to stop everything to investigate. I’m hopeful that once I stop spotting and my cervix rises a little bit again, it won’t be so low as to interfere with this toy.

The Serenity does have a few redeeming factors, however! The thing I like most about it is the bendy neck. As someone with a low pubic bone that gets caught on everything (here’s looking at you Pure Wand and Comet), I really appreciate the bend. It’s flexible enough to keep things comfortable, but not so floppy as to be a hinderance.

The settings, however, get in their own way. There are a ton. Which is nice, if you like variety! I  however, don’t, and this toy has TWENTY functions. Which seems excessive, personally, and there are only three steady settings. But it does have a travel lock, which is more than I can say for some of my other favorites.

However. The consolation prize for having twenty functions is that it has a favorites memory. So when you finally do find the settings that you like, you can press and hold both the buttons at once on a specific setting, and then the vibrations will pause and blink. So the next time  you turn it on, the toy will automatically start on the first saved function. If you want to go back to the regular cycle, just press the function button once and you’re back.

It’s pretty light, which is nice, though the inset oval that runs around the toy gets vag juice in it, so make sure to run a fingernail around it when you’re washing it. It is water resistant so no worries while washing, just don’t submerge it all the way. It comes in pink, blue, and that classic sex-toy eggplant purple color. It’s silicone, so just opt for water-based lube.

wonderlust serenity in pinkOne thing I will say about the Amanda and Eve shop is that it’s not as heavily gendered as some other shops I’ve encountered. It’s not completely genderless, with some categories touting toys “for men” or lingerie “for women”, their main sections are simply vibrators, dildos, and anal toys. Which is nice.

Overall, I do like this toy. If I keep it at the right position, it does provide some nice internal vibrations for my g spot. It’s not necessarily my go-to toy for internal vibrations, but I do like it and it provides some nice variety. If you like vibrations and longer toys, this would be a good choice for you! But if you’re like me and have a shorter tolerance, it might not be the best toy. Good luck cycling through the settings and finding your favorites!

Thanks so much to Amanda and Eve for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review!


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