Review: We-Vibe Pivot

Wevibe pivot

A cock ring seems like the ideal partnered toy, for me. Penetration is nice and all, but it won’t get me off. I need clitoral stimulation in order to come, and a cock ring seems like an easy, hands free way to get that. Until I remember that while thrusting, the vibration loses contact with my clit.

Okay, I think, then I’ll just stay on top and keep that contact from breaking! Problem solved! Again, good in theory, but not in practice. I don’t typically jostle my vibrators around on my clit when I’m trying to get off. I need pretty steady pressure that I can focus on. So that doesn’t quite work.

That’s not to say that the We-Vibe Pivot isn’t a good cock ring. It is. I like the motor, the construction, the connection with the app. I trust We-Vibe with my genitals! It’s just that cock rings only seem to work for me in theory. In practice, they’re always disappointing.

wevibe pivot on a blown glass realistic dildo

I’ve tried a few other cock rings, mostly the shitty bullet vibe kind that will stretch without breaking. Those clear kinds that Lilly has in her Jar of Horrors (I wasn’t educated yet!). None of them were powerful, and they always had a sticky feeling and plasticky smell that really didn’t turn me on at all.

When I heard We-Vibe was coming out with a cock ring, I was immediately interested. I love their Tango and Rave and Nova, and was looking forward to adding another toy from the We-Vibe lineup into my box of toys.

I was excited when it arrived, too. I immediately turned it on, felt the vibrations in my hand and determined yes this is acceptable, and set it down to charge for use later with my partner. It’s like the Nova and Tango in that it’s a magnetic charging point, which is nice, but make sure you don’t knock it around while it’s sitting there or you’ll be disappointed when it dies on you during playtime.

Close up of we vibe pivot charging point

When I finally got to use it, I realized the app was pretty necessary. There is a button on the ring itself, but it’s tiny, and 


when it’s slippery with vag juice and lube, really hard to press. The app lets you play around with the settings in a more visual way, and then you don’t have to stop everything to try and find the setting you want by digging your fingernail into the silicone. Water-based lube only, please


The ring itself is a little stretchy to accommodate different girths, and although my partner and I argued briefly about which side is supposed to face me, I’m pretty confident in positioning the slightly convex side against my clit. He disagrees. (He can write about it in his own blog, then!)

Like the Tango, it’s waterproof, although if you’re adding a cock ring into shower sex, you’re a more adventurous (and limber) person than I am. It has ten different settings, although you can add more settings in the customization section of the app. That’s kinda cool.

Ultimately, this toy would be great if you’re looking to add a little bit of vibration to your PIV, or if you need minimal stimulation to get off. But if you’re at all like me and need to focus your attention and vibrations on your clit in order to get it to cooperate and come, this won’t be the most reliable toy for you.

And honestly, that’s okay. We-Vibe makes other great toys that are perfectly suitable for partnered PIV intercourse, or solo time. I’m glad there’s a better, safer, more reputable cock ring on the market now, but when I want to come during sex, I’m reaching for my Tango.

Thanks to We-Vibe for sending me the Pivot (and a bottle of lube!) in exchange for my honest review! You can get the Pivot at SheVibe or Peepshow Toys for $109.

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