Review: Sola Egg 3-in-1 Passion Massager

sola egg 3 in 1 massager

The first time I saw the Sola 3-in-1 set was at a table at Woodhull. I met with one of the reps, chatted about the different toys, and I thought it was cool to see a toy that was pressure sensitive.

Then I put it on my clitoris. And my optimism dwindled quickly.

If you aren’t familiar, the Sola Egg Passion Massager is a little pod-like thing that rests peacefully in its charging dock.  The 3-in-1 set comes with three different easy-to-change heads. One round, pretty plain one meant for more broad clitoral stimulation (or even, you know, actual body massage), a bunny rabbit ear one, and one that is supposed to be better for g-spot stimulation.

sola egg 3 in 1 massager Aesthetically, I’m obsessed with the massager. I love the way it looks on my nightstand, the weight of it in my hands is decidedly pleasing, and the silicone heads slip on and off easier than I thought was possible.

But when you turn it on, you kind of lose all that good stuff. It’s a pressure-sensitive massager, so when you press harder, it vibrates harder. But it loses nuance. With other massagers with specific settings, you can gradually increase or decrease your power. With the Sola Egg, I find it  hard to stay consistent on the power level I like. The slightest release of pressure and I’m no longer at the level I wanted.

Luckily, there is a setting for constant vibration. You can press the lock button and things will stay moving without you needing to apply pressure. Once you get it at the setting you like press and hold the small lock button, and you’ll be free to move around as you like without worry of losing your momentum. And it’s waterproof, if you’re into that!

As far as the vibrations go, only a few seconds of testing the vibrations on my hand and my entire palm and wrist are buzzing. It’s definitely strong, like, almost wand-level strong, which will be good for power-lovers. But my clit doesn’t love it, and my g-spot is unmistakably unhappy with it. The problem with the internal vibrations is that they don’t really transfer that well down the internal arm. I’ll feel a lot of vibration at my vaginal entrance, but nothing around my g-spot that makes me sing.


Then there’s the bunny rabbit attachment. I hate it. I hate it with a burning passion because I can’t get the pinpoint stimulation I like and the vibrations are dampened. I can’t use the pressure setting because the ears bend, and I don’t like the steady setting because I can’t easily increase the power without rearranging everything.

sola egg 3 in 1 massager lock setting

The only redeeming factors I can see about this toy are the fact that it’s cute and can be used for legitimate muscle massage. I like using it on my hamstrings or shoulders, but that’s about it. I like holding my vibrators like a pencil sometimes, focused very specifically on the upper left quadrant of my clit. None of these attachments let me do that, and even though I love internal vibration, I couldn’t get on board with that option either, so I was relatively disappointed. Especially for close to $120, I wouldn’t recommend this particular toy. I think Sola has some potential with their toys, but missed the mark with the Wellness Egg.

If you want to add this toy to your collection, you can get it at Peepshow Toys or SheVibe.

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review! Affiliate links have been used in this post. You can help support my work by purchasing through these links! 

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