SOS: Share Our Shit! #1

Share Our Shit Saturday is an effort to elevate those doing great, important work, but who might be shadowbanned on Twitter, or kicked off Facebook. Many social media outlets make finding sex education difficult, if not impossible. It’s our job to share the work of our peers across our audiences so everyone has a chance at finding education and community.

It’s Share Our Shit Saturday! I read some great stuff this week.


Two great articles appeared on Hedonish and Formidable Femme about sex censorship on social media. Bex also wrote an incredible piece on transness and desire while transitioning.

Wrap ups

Kate and Suz wrote their monthly wrap up posts, which I always enjoy immensely.


Lilly reviewed the O Wand, Indigo talked about the process of getting an IUD, Taylor showed off a new paddle, and Epiphora posted a video about a clit pump with their friend Sid!

Bits and bobs

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and I fuckin love food. Here are some recipes I’ll be trying out come Turkey Day: Apple pandowdy, simple shortcakes, fudge cake, and prosecco ideas!


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