Review: L’amourose Prism V

Spoiler alert: I fucking love this toy. And so does everyone in my sphere of the internet, including Lilly, Erika, Suz, Luna, A Couple of Kinks, and Blissfully Orgasmic.

I was sent the L’amourose Prism V by SheVibe, and it’s quickly become a bedside staple for when I want easy, deep, rumbly g spot stimulation. I had been lusting after it for awhile, and when the opportunity arose to review it, I jumped at the chance.

When it finally arrived, I ripped open the packaging like an ape and immediately started charging it. This is my first (and possibly only?) negative about the toy. It stands up on its base, unless you’re charging it. The charging port is magnetic, but it’s weak and easily dislodged. Like the Tango, it requires careful setup and monitoring if you’re moving around it and might bump into it while charging.

I used it first with my partner, who delighted in my reaction when he turned it on while inside me. I was (loudly) surprised at how deeply penetrative the vibrations felt. For all my other vibrating g spot toys like my Comet, Rave, Serenity and Crescendo, this one absolutely takes the cake. It’s like, ugh, finally, a company gets what rumbly really means.

Perhaps the best thing (for me) is the shape. It has a little notchy curve that I can hook under my pubic bone for perfect placement against my g spot, and lucky me, I can leave it there and not risk clenching the thing out of me as I come. It’s pronounced enough that I get enough pressure, but not so severe that I have to manhandle it into position.

close up of the buttons on the l'amourose prism v

It has five vibration patterns that you can increase in intensity. The buttons can be a little finicky, so use your fingernail to press if you can. It’s silicone, water submersible, and stands up on its base so you don’t get vagina juice all over it in your post-orgasm haze.

Although I don’t typically use it for clitoral stimulation, it can certainly be used that way. It’s a great way to warm up if I don’t have a clit vibe on hand, for some reason. You can also use it without the vibrations, but like… I don’t know why you’d want to when they’re as good as they are. Turn it on and try rocking it against your g spot. That’s been a killer combination for me so far.

The Prism V comes in sky blue, azure blue, and sunset, a kind of orangey-red color. I have the azure blue, which I couldn’t be happier with. I did some comparison to its sibling, the Prism IIV, and I’m glad I went with the V. I haven’t tried the IIV, but its curvature doesn’t look pronounced enough to really get into my g spot the way I like, and the little nubby clitoral stimulator just looks like it might irritate my vulva rather than stimulate my clit. I’m glad I passed.

Now for the big question: Has the Prism V unseated my beloved Pure Wand as G Spot Royalty? Well, yes and no. They’re different beasts, really. The Pure Wand gives me unrivaled pressure and holds temperature really well, but I have to hold it myself and quickly forget about movement as I get closer to orgasm, even though I know it feels good. The Prism vibrates on its own and stays in my vagina on its own, but doesn’t have the same heft or smoothness that my Pure Wand does. I’d say it’s apples to oranges, but when it comes down to it, I’m more likely to use the Prism if I’m craving general g spot stimulation. If I know I want my Pure Wand, I’ll grab it, but if my g spot is just looking for some general attention, the Prism will do just fine.

You can get the L’amourose Prism V at SheVibe for $99 (and free shipping!). Thanks to SheVibe for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review! I’ve used some affiliate links in this post. If you like my work and want to support me, consider shopping through those links!

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