Review: Sola Cue

I was unimpressed with my first Sola toy. That’s not to say I wasn’t looking forward to trying the Cue, but I wasn’t necessarily ripping the box open to get at it. I should have known better. The first time I used this toy, I was preoccupied with how big it felt. I’m no size queen, I’m not one for girthy toys, typically. But the girth, shape, and vibrations on this toy make me more aware of my g spot than almost any other toy, aside from maybe my Prism and Pure Wand.

It has a couple downsides in construction, mainly the way it charges (magnetically, and not a strong connection, so you REALLY have to make sure it’s charging) and the way it’s shaped. The shape is great for g spot stimulation, don’t get me wrong, but the thing slips out of me if I breathe wrong! That’s the one thing I like better about my Prism. I can stick it in and leave it in while I get off. I can’t do that with the Cue, but that’s alright, most of the time.

You can charge your Cue via computer through the USB port, if you’re feeling adventurous. It needs to charge for an hour and a half for an hour of use, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll need ten minutes with this thing before you’re done for the evening.

Like the Wellness Egg, you have to press the buttons for a long time to get the Cue to turn on. Once it’s on, you can cycle through 5 patterns at 5 different speeds. It’s fairly light and easy to press the buttons, so decent for users with mobility issues! Another thing I enjoy about the Cue is that there are + and – buttons which makes it a lot easier to navigate through settings. Don’t like the one you just switched to? Switch back without cycling through everything! (More than I can say for my Tango or Noje wand.)

The widest part is 1.5 inches, which is actually a little big for me. But it provides a nice stretching, full feeling that really translates well with the vibrations to my g spot. It’s also completely submersible, which is nice if you like bathtime or showertime toys. Although the Cue only comes in one color, which is a bummer, but at least it’s not pink.

This is a short review, because honestly, it’s hard for me to think of things I don’t like about this toy. Other than the finicky charging point, I don’t have any real qualms about it.

I love internal vibrations. My Cue and L’amourose Prism are top of the vibrating heap at the moment, with the Pure Wand and S Curve for non-vibrating g spot and a-spot stimulation. You can get the Cue at SheVibe for $92, and free shipping!

Thanks to SheVibe for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review! I’ve used affiliate links in this post. If you like my work and want to support me, consider shopping through those links!

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