SOS: Share Our Shit! #2

Another week of Share Our Shit Saturday!

Lots of good things were published this week. Let’s get to it!


Kate and Lilly both reviewed the Queen Bee. Both hilariously.

Laura reviewed the Swan Wand, which means I’m still pining over that thing.

Indigo and Felicity both reviewed some butt stuff! I should do more butt stuff.

Epiphora got creative with a review about the Mimic.

Annamarie and I both reviewed different dildos!

Interviews and Personal Posts:

Sarah had an amazingly raw and powerful post about her abuser and forgiveness.

There’s a new and enlightening post on Hedonish about the state of sex education for doctors. (Spoiler: It’s garbage.)

Kate interviewed Alexandra Franzen and talked break-ups and hope.

Bex wrote a much needed post about misgendering. There was a trash fire on Twitter, and this conversation was definitely needed after garbage people aired their garbage thoughts.

Bits and Bobs and Bonuses:

Some reading material for Trans Awareness Week and because bi and lesbian women in comics are great.

See you next week!

Share Our Shit Saturday is an effort to elevate those doing great, important work, but who might be shadowbanned on Twitter, or kicked off Facebook. Many social media outlets make finding sex education difficult, if not impossible. It’s our job to share the work of our peers across our audiences so everyone has a chance at finding education and community.


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