Home for the Holidays: My Top Three Travel Toys

With the holidays rapidly approaching, my calendar has suddenly filled up with travel. My family is in California, so I’ll be visiting them for Thanksgiving and Christmas, hopping between the Pacific Northwest and sunny SoCal. With that, I thought I’d put together a little list of my top toys to travel with! Noje W3 Mini Wand

This vibe has been a surprising little go-to for me lately. It’s a little broader, which I like, and holds a charge decently well. I also won’t feel too badly if I accidentally misplace or lose it, since it’s only $35.

We-Vibe Tango

If I need something a little bit stronger, a little more pinpoint, or something that’s definitely quieter than the Noje wand, I’ll be reaching for my Tango. It’s discreet, quiet enough that I can take to the shower if I like since it’s waterproof, and not like, immediately recognizable as a vibrator to my prying parents in the way the Noje wand is. I also have a spare at home, so if the worst happens and it gets misplaced, I won’t be up a creek when I get home.

L’amourose Prism V  

I don’t need penetration in order to get off, but man does this thing make me crave it. I’m taking the Prism because I’m always in the mood for it. It’s not like my Cue where I need to be in the mood to take something with more heft, or the Pure Wand where I need to feel good with unrelenting pressure on my g spot. I can take the Prism whenever, wherever, so I’m taking it on vacation. It’s quiet too, which is a bonus if I do feel like breaking it out. This is the one toy I’m worried about losing, but since it’s my biggest and least likely to roll under a dresser unnoticed, I think it will be less of an issue!

I thought about taking some of my more expensive and well-loved toys, like my Standard Glass S Curve, or Pure Wand, or even my Doxy Die Cast, but I just don’t think those are things I could get on a plane without checking my bag, and goodness knows I don’t want to check a bag in case it gets lost!

Do you bring toys on vacation? What are your favs?

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