Review: Tantus Destiny Super Soft

I’m not a size queen. One of my favorite insertables is my modestly-girthed Standard Glass S Curve, and it was a huge achievement the first time I managed to take my Fucking Sculptures Double Trouble. I should have known that the Tantus Density Super Soft would be out of my league.

I love Tantus toys. And I love the super soft material they’ve started using for their Vamp and Curve and other toys. The Destiny is almost two inches around, which is the larger end of the spectrum for my toys. It’s a beautiful purple color and is made of their premium silicone, which is easy to clean and sterilize.

Good things first: The material is amazing. I really do love this material because it makes larger toys much easier to handle for aspiring size lovers. It’s anal safe and harness compatible, though I didn’t use it for those situations. It’s boilable and bleachable, and although it doesn’t have a suction cup, the color is amazing as well. It has an insertable length of five inches, so if you like longer toys, this may not be the choice for you, but it was perfect for me. It’s also fun to fling around like a helicopter, because I’m a child.

Now for the downers: It’s just too big for me! The thing about the Fucking Sculptures Double Trouble is that it’s glass and has significantly less drag than silicone. Even though they’re similar in size, they feel very different internally. I thought that the squish of the super soft material would balance things out, but not so.

I also really can’t get over the simulated testicles? They’re so high up? I don’t know why this is such a thing that I focus on, but it’s almost the only thing I can see when I look at this toy. They also do nothing to balance out the top-heaviness of the toy, and the thing doesn’t stand up on it’s own, which is more annoying to me than it should be, I think. I took the picture below just a split second after removing my hand from the base, just before it tipped over. 

It also attracts cat hair like a magnet, much like my Vamp of the same material.

This toy has some really great benefits for very specific people: if you’re an aspiring size lover, this is a great toy to start with since the squish DOES help you adjust to the size. If you like giant purple dildos, this is perfect for you. If you like shorter lengths, it’s a great choice. But if you’re like me and frequently reach for toys more in the inch and a half diameter range, this may not be the toy for you.

Thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review!

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