Happy New Year! Goodbye and Good Riddance, 2017

Ah, New Year’s Eve. January 1st is the arbitrary start of the new year, and while some people will stomp their feet and say “JUST START YOUR GOALS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME ISN’T REAL!!!!!!!”, I personally enjoy having a start-fresh date. 2018 is going to be a very busy year for me personally, with a lot of travel and Life Events happening. But I don’t want to lose sight of some goals, specifically around this blog and my sex life. So, with that in mind, I have three main sex-adjacent goals for 2018.

Try Anal

I’m notoriously nervous about backdoor playtime, but I think this is the year I finally overcome my fears and try this thing out. Of course, I’ll be starting slow by gradually increasing the size of my toys until I feel like I can actually try out some actual human person penetration, so it feels like a bit of a lofty goal at the moment, but I’m optimistic.

Learn More About Self-Suspension

Rope bondage has really been on my radar the last few months, specifically suspension. It’s something that I’m VERY interested in, while my partner seems a little more lukewarm about it than me, so I’m going to start doing some research (and maybe take a class) on self-suspension. Fly like a bird! A naked bird, tied in rope!

Get Fisted

I am not size royalty. I’m always a fan of smaller versions of toys, and my gynecologist even has to use the pediatric speculum on me during pap smears. That said, the idea of conquering a fist is… strangely appealing. I’m lucky that my partner doesn’t have gigantic hands, but I’m still going to need a training program!

As for other goals…

[CW: Weight loss/diet talk/body stuff/eating disorders]

I do have some other goals in mind. Read more, stretch regularly, keep my house in a cleaner state. The biggest one though is to lose some weight. My body weight has been on a steady upward trajectory for the past few years, and I’m tired of the consequences of it. I don’t feel well, I have pretty regular indigestion, and I hate traveling now. I’ve always used food as a way to cope with stress, and this year isn’t looking like it will be anything close to a stress-free year. So I need to work on ways to deal with my emotions without ice cream. (And no, I’m not asking for advice on how to do this. Thanks in advance.)

2017 was a garbage fire politically and socially, but personally it was pretty okay. I’m hopeful that 2018 is only a step up from here. What are you looking forward to next year? 

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