What I Learned by Tracking My Orgasms

Before I started this blog, I followed a few different sex bloggers, and towards the end of the year, I started hearing some things about sex statistics. I can be a bit of a data nerd, so immediately my ears perked up. People kept spreadsheets of that? I immediately made my own. Throughout the year, I tracked a variety of things like the toys I used and the porn I watched. Unsurprisingly, I learned a few things.

I’m Really Good at Jerkin’ It  

Of my 110 masturbation sessions this year, only 4 didn’t lead to orgasm. I’d actually like to get this number up next year. I think there’s a lot to be said for masturbation that doesn’t focus on orgasm, or doesn’t even include it, as a point. I want to get better about enjoying things, not just racing to the finish line.

More Orgasms = Better Moods

I had the most orgasms in January with 27, almost one per day, which is huge for me! I think I had more orgasms in January of 2017 than I did in all of 2016. Unfortunately I hadn’t kept a spreadsheet for 2016, so there’s no way of knowing for sure. Ah well. The month with the least amount of orgasms was August… coincidentally the same month I was low in a depressive mode. I’m not saying one leads to the other, but I do think that lower orgasm counts are indicative of how my mental health is doing at any one time.

Anxiety is a Mood Killer

This is no surprise whatsoever to anyone on the planet. But it’s oddly nice to have confirmation that when my anxiety is higher, my orgasms are lower. 18% of my orgasms this year were with my partner, but it took me two months to get comfortable enough with him! Even then it was sporadic, but it’s gotten a whole lot better now! As I’ve settled into this relationship, my orgasm count has gone up, which is always a nice benefit.

Some Miscellaneous Stats

Most Used Toys:

Least Used Toy:

Favorite Notes:

  • “what the fuck” (January 3)
  • “my clit and I are fighting” (February 10)
  • “YOOOOOO he was fingering me and I had the Tango and HELLO IT WAS GREAT YES GOOD ORGASM THANK YOU” (May 15)

So, what changed for 2018?

I removed a few things, like tracking positions. It wasn’t that useful and I was shit at remembering what happened. I took out the column detailing which partner I was with, because like… there’s just one, these days.

I added a mood tracker, though! Just a 1-10 column to help me get a handle on how my mood fluctuates over the year and how more/less sex and/or orgasms influences that.

All in all, I’m pleased with the way my year turned out. In the upcoming year, my partner and I are working on improving the ratio of my orgasms to his, and I’ll be making more time for masturbation since that’s taken a decline after we moved in together. Hopefully I’ll be adding some more toys, and more locations since we have some travel on the horizon.

Are you keeping a spreadsheet for next year? Tell me about what you’re tracking! Looking to start your own spreadsheet? You can find my template here. 

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